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Large Emby Library Causing Kodi to Freeze


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I am having a big problem with my Android TV boxes freezing up completely when I load my Emby (for kodi) database. I'm looking for anyone with some insight into this problem.


My environment:



Tower, i7, Windows 10, with 12GB RAM running the Emby Server



40TB Synology NAS containing:

  • over 3,500 movies,
  • over 2,000 TV shows,
  • tens of thousands songs,
  • over 100,000 images, and
  • hundreds of home videos


  • 2 Windows 10 PC's running kodi with emby-for-kodi
  • 2 TV's, each running fairly high-end Android boxes equipped with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM (storage). One box runs Android 4.1, the other runs Android 6.0. Both of them run kodi Jarvis 16.1. I can't upgrade to kodi 17 because one of the boxes runs Android 4.1 and is not compatible with kodi 17, and I want to keep the two boxes as identical as possible to keep my life simple.



  • 1GB hard-wired ethernet LAN
  • High speed Internet from Cox


On the kodi boxes, I am running my own set up (build) - not a downloaded build. My build has Home-Screen tabs for each of the Emby library elements - Movie Library, Pictures, Music, and Home Videos for enjoying our large collection of local media. In addition, the kodi boxes have many of the standard Video Addons such as Exodus, SALTS, SportsDevil, etc... for streaming online content.


I spend a lot of time enhancing/expanding my local Emby library of movies.  Primarily, adding the correct titles, overviews, and images. I suspect that this freezing problem may be related to the amount of artwork and the number of fanart images that I have added to the emby database. I am averaging about 15-20 high-resolution images for every single movie. This includes posters, thumbs, logo's, clearart, banners and especially fanart. The reason I suspect this may be the problem is that the issues with kodi crashing/freezing have become worse and worse as I continue enhancing the emby database with more and more images. Could it be true that emby server can handle this rich set of metadata, but it overwhelmes kodi??? Anyone?


Within the emby-for kodi addon, I have configured the app to cache all the artwork as this makes the UI experience much, much better.


The problem arises almost exclusively when I attempt to exit kodi. As soon as I click on "Exit" or the power button, the screen freezes. I have tried waiting this out, hoping it is simply doing some kind of graceful shutdown, but ultimately, I give up and unplug the box completely and re-boot it. After rebooting, the kodi app will not even launch. It tries - I see the first kodi splash screen, but then it jumps back to the android launcher screen.  If I try to launch kodi a second time, it simply goes to a black screen forever, and requires a full reboot of the box.


I say "amost exclusively" because sometimes the kodi app will just kick the user back to the Android launcher screen right in the middle of a movie or other activity.  Once it does this, the app won't launch again.


I have tried clearing cache, scrubbing memory (RAM), but nothing helps.


To get kodi functioning again, I have to start over - installing and configuring kodi. Sometimes I can get away with uninstalling and reinstalling kodi, but recently that is not even working, and I am required to do a full factory restore, and start completely over configuring everything. Thankfully, I have my kodi build fully backed up, so when my Android boxes lock up, I can completely start from scratch and restore them in about 30-45 minutes. The two Android boxes are from different manufacturers, so there is no commonality in the boxes' hardware.


For now, I have uninstalled the emby-for-kodi addon from the two Android TV boxes, and we are now not able to enjoy any of our own media, but exclusively watch streaming content online.


Final point - none of these issues seem to exist on the Windows 10 PC's. They run the some kodi build including the emby-for-kodi app, but rarely have problems.


Has anyone out there had similar problems?  Any advice would be appreciated.

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Try removing the kodi sync plugin, and see if this helps the machine perform better. thanks !

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