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Unable to play files


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Just installed. Cant play films 


I have a small home network all running windows 7 professional.


Have installed the server on my media server


Installed the client on my media player PC


Set up the server fine. For the time being I have just picked my film folder on my media server. All the movies were picked up fine. Ran the client on my media player. Films are there, however when I attempt to play them nothing happens.


I have read the bit about shares and as far as I can see I have set the sharing up correctly, however I am a bit confused as my shares have worked fine for everything else including Windows Media Center.


My share is set up as \\mediaserver\FILMS - all the films are contained in the FILMS folder in their own named folders. Checked the folder sharing settings and my username is there and has full access.


Each PC on my network has my username on them including the media server.


Bit stuck now.... 



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Messed around a bit more...


On the server settings for mediabrowser i had the servers own path ie D:\FILMS and it should of been \\MEDIASERVER\FILMS 

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