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how to, ubuntu 16,04 and proper comodo essential ssl certificate?


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can someone please do a detailed guide on how to install a comodo essential ssl certificate on emby running on ubuntu 16.04 

(ubuntu server x64 withe desktop installed)


I have the certificate installed on a Wingftp server using crt, but i also like to install this on my Emby server.

the wingftp server is another hardware server so im gusing i need to redo the ssl and send it to comodo?

but i have no idea on how to do this on emby.


im hosting movies and images from  a couple of upcoming competitions on my server and need to use ssl for the protection, 

and since this is for multiple clubs and non-profit associations it needs to be a proper ssl.

last time i hosted we got a lot of complint about not using a proper ssl, so in the end i had to turn of https

and that was not good. (japp we got hacked) 



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