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LiveTV+DVBLink plugin and Amazon Fire Tv issue


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Hi Guys


New to the forum so applogies for the long spam but been having some issues of late.

PC: Intel NUC D54250WYK
OS: Windows 8.1 64bit
Emby Server:
DVBLink Server: 6.0.0 build 14437
DVBLink Plugin:
Tuner: PCTV 292e
Both emby server and dvblink server are hosted off the same machine.

Hardware: Amazon Fire Tv Gen2
Software version: FireOS (573210520)
Fire Tv Home Version: 5.7.3-17
Emby for Fire TV: 1.3.35a

@@ebr Open streams list in dvblink plugin grows and always shows undefined from Amazon Tv client. Eventually channels fail to play, and reboot of server is needed.

I've been experiencing a problem for quite some time with Live tv using the dvblink plugin and an Amazon Fire Tv with emby client installed. The dvblink plugin reports undefined open streams when viewing channels. The open stream list always increases when changing channels or returning to the guide and replaying the same channel. Whilst its not an immediate issue it eventually leads to what I can guess is the open streams getting fully maxed out as eventually I am no longer to tune to channels, and the only way to recover is to restart the emby server. Also have checked DVBLink server and no channels are currently in use or are locked, and have correctly been released so it doesn't appear to be an issue on that side.
Additionally i've tested this out using the Emby for Android App on both android and IOS phones and the stream is opened and closed as well as named correctly, so it possibly seems something client releated to Amazon Fire Tv.

12:52 - BBC One - AFTV
12:53 - Channel 4 - AFTV
12:54 - Channel 5 - AFTV
12:55 - Dave - AFTV
12:57 - Quest - AFTV
12:59 - BBC One HD - Pixel Android Emby Client
13:00 - BBC One - iOS iphone Emby Client
13:01 - BBC One - AFTV


Emby debug server logs attached, also uploaded logs from emby app on AFTV (~13:16 GMT+1). You can see from screenshots all AFTV sessions are undefined and remain listed as an open stream.


Any help appreciated.






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