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DLNA streaming issue (TuneIn + music)


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Hi, I have been using Emby for several years now. Currently used on 2 different systems (Linux and Windows). The issue I have exist on both systems and therefore not specifically related to either Linux or Windows and have been there for very long time. The only common part is that the issue seems to be related to DLNA.

The issue: I start streaming a radio channel (TuneIn) via DLNA, at some point it will stop playing. If I start the radio channel again it will stream the exact same music again. The attached logs is for the issue with 22 minutes of streaming music.

When I have this issue I have tried to stream the same radio channel to my PC using webbrowser and there it works while my DLNA unit still plays the old stream.



  • EmbyLog_20170418: Approx 16:53:00 I start the radio channel and it stops by it self after approx 22 minutes. After a few minutes I try to start the radio channel again but notice that it is the same music playing.
  • EmbyLog_20170419: Approx 07:42:14 I start the radio channel again and it stills plays the same as it played yesterday.
  • EmbyStream_20170418: The stream it always start if I try to play the specific radio channel on my DLNA unit, if I choose another radio channel this plays correctly.


Another issue but might be related:

Sometimes when I stream my music to DLNA unit (FLAC, WMA), especially transcoded music, sometimes the track is played other times it is skipped, seems like Emby was unable to transcoded the track.




My systems:

System 1: Ubuntu server 14.04 + Denon HEOS HomeCinema.

System 2: Intel NUC Windows 10 + Sony SRS-X77


Best regards





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Hi Luke, that would be great. Just one extra information: sometimes I can have a radio channel playing for 8 hours without any issues (longest time I have tested).

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