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Frequent/Excessive Syncing


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I am getting frequent incremental syncing. By frequent I mean 10+ times per day where all of my clients are stuck doing incremental syncs. Some of these Incremental syncs are quite large - 20000+ updates.


I normally add 5-10 recordings per day.


I have all metadata for films locked in the metadata manager and yet continue to see films as a part of these incremental syncs.


I have all metadata for series locked except for current seasons and yet continue to see these locked series as part of these incremental syncs.


I did not used to have this issue.


Things that I know that have changed - Kodi was updated on my Android TV clients and Win 7 HTPC to v17


Emby 3.2.1 was installed on February 20th - new fresh install


I believe all of my setting are the same in Emby,


What am I missing?


Logs attached.


Thanks for reading and any help.





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