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direct play WTV on NVIDIA-SHIELDTV?


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Hello from germany!
(We want to be second  :lol: )
First i have to say sorry for my english. :rolleyes:
I have hundreds of wtv Files from WMC on my Server. 
I have running emby apps on several platforms like Android, FireTV, Windows etc.. playing wtv files works fine on every of these platforms. Only on NVIDIA Shieldtv it is not possible to play wtv files. If i force transcoding by setting a lower maximum bitrate, the shield app works. But without transcoding, it doesn't. 
Is it possible to enable transcoding only for wtv files?
Or maybe it will work in future releases of the app?
is there a plan for fixing this ?
Tell me if i can help in any way!
I'm excited about emby, and i really would like to buy it, but only with a fully working app for Nvidia Shield.

Thanks in advance


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I've got some good news.


The version 1.3.19b didn't solve my problem, but since the newer version 1.3.20b/g playing wtv files on shieldtv seems to work!  :)


The strange thing is, there is nothing about a change in the changelog? :huh:

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