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Extras in folders with multiple movies dont show up as extras


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So this may be a little arcane...


I've been trying to figure out why some of the 'extras' contained within extras folders of my movie folders are having nfo/jpg files created for them and showing up in the movie index, no matter what i do to rename them or delete the nfo file.


I think i’ve figured out what the issue is.


It seems that if there are multiple ‘main’ movies in the root of the movie folder, some of the files in the extras folder will be identified as their own movie rather than an extra for one of the existing movies.


For example, i have


\Movies\Robin Hood (1973)\

\Movies\Robin Hood (1973)\Robin Hood (1973).mkv

\Movies\Robin Hood (1973)\Ye Olden Days (1933).mkv

\Movies\Robin Hood (1973)\extras\

\Movies\Robin Hood (1973)\extras\Robin hood (1973) - Alternate Ending.mkv


No matter what i rename the alternate ending extra to, it shows up in the main movie listing index as its own thing (with the wrong metadata of course).


I’m not sure this is a bug exactly, since i know the naming guide suggests only one movie per folder named after the movie, but I thought it was worth mentioning as I’m sure i’m not the only one who has this issue (there are multiple threads talking about similar challenges)


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Hi, the fact that it's showing as it's own thing is expected based on your folder structure. You will need to move Ye Olden Days out of the folder and into it's own separate movie folder. thanks !

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