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So here is what im triyng to do:

Make external players work for pc games.

ROMs already work by just selecting what emulator we want to use for certain kind of files like Dolphin for .wbfs files.

Then i was thinking if we couldn't just do the same with pc games using scrips with AutoHotkey, the idea is simple:

The script would make the role of the rom here, and the AutoHotkey would be the emulator..

So i made one script with the code:    run D:\Games\Resident Evil 4\bin\bio4.exe

Then rename it to .gbwin, on Windows i make .gbwin to always open with AutoHotkey so when i double click it, it opens Resident Evil 4 and closes itself all in background you dont see any command on cmd being executed on the screen.

Now when i put it on Emby the server finds it ok, it show up on the Emby theater ok, the Play button is available ok, but when i click it nothing happens instead of a loading screen...

I think this could really Works, should be a problem with the external players since not even my emulators work anymore on emby, always the endless loading.

Its a problem with the external players or to use external players i need emby premiere?

Could you guys test this, see if it works?

Sorry for my english, BR here! huehue


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Ok i did it, its working i can launch PC GAMES from emby theater but.. i had to replace the movies section with games, so instead of opening real .wmv files with vlc, i renamed my scripts to .wmv and made them open with AutoHotkey as external launcher, so the emby theater thinks my 1kb .wmv files are movies then he add them to the movies library so i can open the with the external player autohotkey, that launch the command that its inside the fake .wmv file that as a example could be "run D:\Games\Resident Evil 4\bio4.exe" this fake .wmv its just a .txt with the file extension renamed, so when a head to the movies section my PC GAMES show there as the movies, so when i press play autohotkey launch my desired game for me.


But this its just a proof that it works, i've tried as emulator, and as a pc game on emby but when i try to launch it says something about insert a disc to play, i dont know maybe the games external players of emby its broken, you guys could test and tell me if this method Works for you with game external player, because i've have to use the movies external player to make it work.

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Here are some screens from what my emby theater looks like now, a frontend for pc games..





I would like to keep both my movies and my games, but as the games external launcher isn't working right now, I've decided to replace the movies library as games are more important to me.

Let me know what you think of it, those game covers 90% I have to deep search the web to find the ones without those marks of PC-CDROM and PEGI stuff, It took time but i managed to make a collection, at the moment are 1228 posters just like those without marks, not only for pc games but also for PSX PS2 GC Wii WiiU and others, let me know if you have interest on them, I could share, its all on my OneDrive.

Later today I'll post a video launching a game.

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Thanks Luke, not only for the compliment, but for the amazing UI that emby theater has, and the server too, the best media manager yet!

The only downside is the game support, that could be better..


So here is the video..

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