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Playback lag regularly... Fine after reboot`


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Hey all and @@ebr...


I have a pretty debilitating but difficult to diagnose issue and i'm just curious if anyone has any ideas.


I have an Ubuntu 16.04 Dell r710 server running Emby. My TV is stored locally on (snapRaid 5). Movies are stored on a Qnap NAS (cifs share). Sometimes when I go to play a movie the playback is choppy to the point it's unwatchable. I never have this issue with TV Shows. Just movies. Then, if I fully reboot my server playback speeds up and everything is fine. If I go a couple of days and then try to watch a movie again, same thing happens.


I realize this could be about a thousand things, but honestly I'm not sure where to begin. I don't think this is an emby issue, but it might be. I thought this might be a good place to start asking.


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One wild thought @@ebr. I"m mounting my Qnap NAS to my Server over cifs and use my Nas exclusively for Movie storage. My TV storage is onboard mass storage on the server. THe fact that the issue is only occurring with movies is the reason i'm thinking CIFS is the problem Does that make sense to anyone else?

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Well I store all my stuff on qnap but mount through nfs.


Same setup Ubuntu 16.04. In my case it is a VM on an esx server.


No issues.





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