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Problem in share option


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There are two problem 


1. My server is running on the domain gu.webhop.me . But when I tried to share any content on facebook port 8096 added by itself. So the link becomes http://gu.webhop.me:8096/emby/web/shared.html?id=??????? , which is not a valid working link .  

Can you please fix the share link without port number when i am not using port number over my main domain ?


2. For the above case the working link is http://gu.webhop.me/emby/web/shared.html?id=???????. But when i share this link on facebook it shows image like below 


But instead of this picture, i want to show the picture and description of my content. 

Can you please fix this issue? 

Thank you. 

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Hi @@MyServer


for #1 - it is using the remote address as displayed in the emby server dashboard. If you need to customize a specific remote address, then you can do so under Advanced -> Hosting


We'll look at the facebook issue in a future update. thanks for reporting !

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