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Emby plugin for mopidy


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for over a year im a user of emby and i love it alot. a long time ago i used MPD for playing music on my linux box. it worked well and some time later i found out about mopidy. its a music server written in python. its like mpd but much more extensible. it has a lot of plugins like one for youtube, soundcloud or even spotify. i wanted a way to play songs from emby on my little mopidy server running on a raspberry pi in the kitchen. I started to code on Mopidy-Emby. I fought myself through some basics of the emby api. there is alot to come. right now i need to find out how to seek through a activate stream. the "/Sessions/<ID>/Playing/seek" doesnt work for me at all... but i give my best. maybe someone find this usefull.


you can install it through pip with

pip install mopidy-emby


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I would try it out and report your experience.


I'm not even sure how to set it up. I installed it with pip, but I have no way of knowing how to get the plugin to talk to Emby, nor if I need to install something else for Emby to talk to (besides the Mopidy client on my phone.)


@@Luke,  I don't think you understand how often I listen to audiobooks, nor how quickly I would give up Plex if Emby supported them. I also can not explain to my parents or my wife how to use Emby to sync files and then use an external audiobook player to listen to them. 


I know you work on fixing other aspects of Emby, but I need an audiobook player. I only found out about this plugin because someone on the Plex forums claimed Jellyfin has audiobook support, and when I looked into it all they have is a plugin for Mopidy. But I don't know if the Mopidy plugin for Emby still works or if it's even sufficient as an audiobook player.

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I think it is not a thing and @xsteadfastx has abandoned the project as he is not using emby and mopidy anymore :(  the current version is not supported with the new mopidy as it uses Python 3.7 and his extension only supports 2.7. 

I would love if someone could fork this and make it work with latest 3.2 mopidy. :)

There is a version also for JF, not sure we could use that somehow..

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