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Sleeping Windows 10 PC


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This is a general question regarding how EMBY handles a sleeping PC. I have noticed that when my PC is in sleep mode and I try to access EMBY thru my ROKU device, it does not see the server. I have to wake the PC by touching the mouse or keyboard and it starts working again. Also, scheduled recordings don't record if the PC is asleep. If I turn off sleep mode, it works fine.

Is it possible for EMBY to wake a PC before attempting to perform a task?



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Hi, recordings are currently unable to wake the PC because this would require administrative privileges unfortunately.


We are working on an all-new Roku app and this will be able to wake your PC automatically. @@softworkz

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So as a new user i assumed if i opened emby theater on a client then the logic would be to start the server pc if it is sleeping.


Im trying out emby instead of using Jriver Media Center and to be honest as it has Mdvr playback it was a no brainer as emby is much simpler to set up and use.


Problem for me is Jriver has WOL and its works brilliantly.


When is the time frame of adding wol support for emby Theater for windows 10?

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