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Raspberry Pi 2B - Chromecast error


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I have trouble making emby play videos on my chromecast.


I installed emby-server version 3.0.8500.0 on a raspberry pi 2B using emby repo for debian 8.

The Server works fine, videos play successfully on my laptop and android device.

FFmpeg was compiled, configured and seems to work.


I can connect emby to my Chromecast, the emby logo displays correctly.

Sadly when i hit play (laptop or android app) either nothing happens (emby logo stays) or a thumbnail of the video and its title are displayed but no video.


Log dump attached.


Thanks for the help!






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Hi, welcome. Thanks for the report here. I've identified an issue and pushed an update to our chromecast receiver. to receive the update, just reboot your chromecast device and restart the app you're casting from. Please let me know if this resolves the issue. thanks !

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