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Trailers freeze/stop at random times


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Hello all - not sure if this is the right area to post this, please move if not.


I have a Windows PC running Emby Server 3.0.7300.0. I have two Apple TV's running the Emby app. I have the trailer plugin installed. I have an Emby premiere account. Everything is hardwired. 


Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 I can no longer play the trailers prior to watching a movie. Randomly during trailer playback it will pause and just get stuck at a loading icon indefinitely (next to the time display, paused picture remains on screen). The time it pauses is always random and could be 30 seconds in, 1 minute in or even 2 minutes in but is always different. It happens on both Apple TV's and believe has happened on my iPad. Sometimes the trailer will play fine but 9/10 times they will not. I have tried playing with different types of trailers (netflix, new releases, old, etc.) but still occurs. If I go into the trailer category and play a trailer, it will also occur. 


Once I skip the trailers (or disable them) movies will always play fine. 


I am wondering if this is a Windows 10 setting I am missing or something else. Media sharing is on and only the Windows 10 firewall is on. Any help is much appreciated. 


If logs are needed, please let me know.



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Do these same trailers play back in the web client?


Did your Apple TV also update to tvOS 10?


Can you post a transcode log from one of the failed trailers?

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Yes both are updated to tvOS 10.


I tried one of the failed trailers in the web client - in this case it was Trolls. I selected it through the trailers channel. When I pushed play, the trailer played where it froze/paused (:40 secs) on the Apple TV and continued to play until the end.


Tried other trailers in the web client and they worked.


Let me know if the log files are what you were looking for.

Trolls - working -> is when worked in web client

Trolls - non working -> is when it played on apple tv and froze


Trolls - non working.txt

Trolls - working.txt

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The video processing on the server is identical.  I don't have Trolls currently in my list of trailers but I just played back a couple that are there (Grace of Monaco was one) and they played fine.


That trailer came from the same source and was the same format as well so I'm not sure what is happening in your situation.

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I think it is much more likely this is related to tvOS 10 rather than the server.  Both of my servers are on Win 10.

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