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Unable to transcode, Web client or Android


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Hi Guys,


New migration of Emby server to Windows 10 with database intact. Currently running


Server is running fine, library is complete.


Having an issue when trying to transcode anything either via the Web Client or Android Client -- 'There was an error playing the video'

By the looks of the log entries - it's having an issue when invoking ffmpeg

2016-08-29 23:10:00.6227 Error App: Error starting ffmpeg
Cannot start process because a file name has not been provided.

Attaching server and transcoding logs for review.


NOTE: Playing direct files via WMC is working fine.


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@@Luke - as always thank you for your prompt response.


Not sure how that was missing, however by downloading the latest static version and pointing Emby to its 'custom path' -- my transcoding works again.


Moving forward though, does the version of ffmpeg change with Emby Server versions over time? How would I handle this if the ffmpeg is now stored separately? Can I re-install Server over the top of my existing installation and maintain library/plugins/settings while getting a bundled ffmpeg version?



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the path to it is stored in the config file so if the config file was migrated then that would probably explain it.

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