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No web pages served from Beta, but working from Stable


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ignore this topic (delete if appropriate), I saw @@Luke posts about this likely being a IPv6 issue on the beta stream.





Hi @@solabc16,
Strange one here...  
I was happily working on the beta stream 3.1.89, and had just finished rebuilding and populating my large collection after all our changes to fix the recent issues, and everything was working very well.
I watched a show (through Kodi), but not long after it completed I received the notification that the connection to Emby Server had been lost.
I checked the Synology Package Centre and it showed as running, but web browsing to Emby returned no page - no error, it just sat there trying to download content until it eventually timed out. It was midnight so I left it alone to pick up this morning.
This morning, I restarted the package, but still no Emby web pages.  
I restarted the Synology, but still no Emby web pages - obviously I was managing the Synology through it's web page so basic web service and connectivity was definitely there from my LAN attached Windows 10 PC running Chrome
I ran a diagnostic a couple of hours ago (from now), and it showed that ffprobe was missing - odd.
Looking at the logs, Emby was running - it was auto sorting new media as it arrived, but kept recurring an error that I believe was related to the missing ffprobe - log attached.
I backed up everything - because I really didn't want to have to do a full sync again (it takes the better part of a weekend to fully complete everything with my size library) - and uninstalled Emby.
I rebooted the NAS and then reinstalled Emby beta (this time current was 3.1.91), but still no Emby web pages. Stopped, started, rebooted a few times with no joy. Disabled all NAS security features, and still no web page served on either the HTTP or HTTPS port.
I uninstalled Beta again, rebooted the NAS, and then installed Emby stable. Pages worked immediately as I was presented with the setup screen, which I was able to navigate correctly, service subsequent pages.
I uninstalled Stable again, rebooted the NAS, and then installed Emby beta (3.1.91), but no Emby web pages were served again. Again the server was running as logs showed as much.
I have since updated the package to beta 3.1.92, which appeared, but still no web pages served.
Of course I could go back and setup stable and work with that, but I would rather get to the bottom of what has broken beta versions for me.
Thanks James for any help you could share.

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Hello @@shad0h


Release 3.1.94-beta has just been published and will be available via Package Center for users on the beta channel.


For future reference, when testing beta releases you should use this forum: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/forum/102-server/


There's a 'feedback' link available on beta releases (see below), as a handy reference.





- James

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