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Playback error since upgrade

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Using Windows 10

Chrome Version 52.0.2743.82 m

I get an error " Video Error There was an Error Playing The Video" when selecting an episode on Emby version 3.0.6020.0. This started happening whin I upgraded to 3.0.6000.0.

The episode plays fine with VLC.

I'm attaching the most recent logs generated when the error happened. Any help is appreciated.



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Every attempt to launch ffmpeg is failing with this error:

The requested operation requires elevation

It's suggesting that you need to run as administrator, however, this isn't required by Emby Server. You said you customized ffmpeg, is it possible you did this (or the earlier install), while running as administrator and now the non-administrator is not being given access? (just an idea).


I also did some digging around, and some are blaming this on a windows update:




One thing you can do as a workaround is start Emby Server using run as administrator, but I would just consider that a workaround as you don't want do be doing that all the time.

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Running Emby as admin seems to work inside my network but not outside ... I'll keep digging from a security standpoint ...

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