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Deletion of TV recordings and Collection

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Hi There,


I have been trying to clear up some failed recording but I just cannot figure out how to do it!  The media deletion check box is ticked for all users but I still cannot find a way to get rid of these recordings.  I have confirmed before that the FireTV client currently cannot do this but I thought that maybe the Web version could.  I waited as long as I could for the ability to be added but as yet nothing.  I have now reached a point where it is delete something or run out of space and intuitive it is not!  Please help.


In addition is there anywhere in Emby where I can work out when my subscription will expire?  I think it was pretty much around this time last year but I cannot figure out when that was.


Many thanks.

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Hi, the web client supports it, as does emby theater. just enable it for the appropriate user for the recordings library.

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The Fire TV app also supports deleting items now.  There is a trash can icon on the detail screen.  Of course, this will only be visible if the logged in user has media deletion enabled.

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All sorted many thanks.  Once you had confirmed I went back in to check the settings and Media deletion was unchecked again.  Realised I'd ticked it but not hit the save button thus the options never appeared... DOH!


Did the upgrade to the latest version, hit the tick and saved and all is as it should be on both platforms.  Many thanks for your rapid responses.



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