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Been using MB2 for a few years and looking to move to MB3.  What do most recommend for the OS if you could pick from Win 7, 8 or Server 2012?


I think I would like to maybe even run it has a Hyper-V, which would mean Win 8 or server 2012.  That way I could take snapshots before changes and roll back if I didn't like the results.  Also I could possibly do a P2V on my current Win 7 machine running MB2 and run them side by side until I get MB3 setup or figure out if I even want it over MB2.


My setup if that helps at all is that I have my HTPC setup with my TV and stereo, so it would be the MB3 server and also need to be a client.  Then I would like to use say an android tablet (not yet purchased) to remote control this setup with the output going to my TV.  I browsed a thread already on that part so I think it can be done.





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Win 8 or Server 2012 is better IMO due to the out-of-the-box support for websockets. Win 7 is fine but the server then requires 2 open ports rather than the 1 single port of a win 8/2012 install.

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