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DLNA not starting after Hibernate


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I have another Problem with emby - DLNA Server.

My Setup is OMV with Emby plugin.  In Emby I have configured DLNA which is working great except the problem here:



However, my second problem is that DLNA is not starting up after wake from hibernate. It seems to be connected to Internet Connection which is not immediately available after hibernate. See also attached log file...


2016-06-11 08:58:32.6271 Error Connect: Error registering with Connect

2016-06-11 08:58:56.7769 Error HttpClient: Error getting response from http://emby.media/community/index.php?/blog/rss/1-media-browser-developers-blog

2016-06-11 08:58:56.7791 Error App: Error downloading News

2016-06-11 08:58:59.6751 Error HttpClient: Error getting response from https://api.github.com/repos/MediaBrowser/Emby/Releases

2016-06-11 08:58:59.6777 Error TaskManager: Error

2016-06-11 08:58:59.6777 Info TaskManager: Check for application updates Failed after 0 minute(s) and 42 seconds


I suppose that somehow these errors prevent DLNA Service from starting.


Any idea, any workaround, any help?


Many thanks in advance


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Many thanks. I did not see the ticket on github.

Looking forward to next release ... :)


Meanwhile I need to make script to check networking is up before starting emby.

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