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Transcode Photo Resolution?


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I'm new to Emby & DLNA.

I just installed OMV and Emby. I enabled DLNA in emby to browse my photo library on new Samsung J Series.

However, sometimes and especially for big/high resolution jpg photos (>5MB) I get errors on Samsung TV, e.g. "File format not supported" or ""check network connection".

If I reload picture in Samsung TV everything is working fine.


Is it possible to transcode pictures to Samsung TV to lower resolution/file size?

How can I do that in emby settings?


Many thanks in advance



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Not sure exactly how it works but the Samsung profiled already has a condition set for anything over 1920X1080 to be transcoded.  So I would guess everything larger get down-converted to 1920X1080.

    <TranscodingProfile container="jpeg" type="Photo" estimateContentLength="false" enableMpegtsM2TsMode="false" transcodeSeekInfo="Auto" copyTimestamps="false" context="Streaming" forceLiveStream="false" />
    <ContainerProfile type="Photo">
        <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="Width" value="1920" isRequired="true" />
        <ProfileCondition condition="LessThanEqual" property="Height" value="1080" isRequired="true" />
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Many thanks for the info.

Seems I have to search for other reason of Samsung TV errors. 

I tried miniDLNA from OMV which is not as convinient as emby/DLNA but I have no errors here.

There is something odd with emby/DLNA & Samsung TV.



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