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Server Internet Steaming Bitrate Limit not being applied on remote android app access


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Recently I updated my phone to Android 6 Marshmallow and now the Server Internet Steaming Bitrate Limit is not being applied on remote android app access on the phone.


Could be server side but it is too much of a coincidence that it has only started happening since the update to Android 6. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge.


The phone is set for Auto max streaming and Auto for chromecast (I don't want to choke it here as when I am home there is plenty of bandwidth across the local network - I only want it choked on remote access). The Server is set to 0.75 Bitrate limit as I have adsl and this is the size of the upload pipe.


Thanks in advance for looking at it.

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Hi, I tested this, no problem found. I would ensure the connection is actually remote. If the server detects your device as being inside the local network, then the limit is not used. If you have a vpn or reverse proxy then that might be fooling the server.

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