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Delete local trailers when movie is deleted option

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When I delete movie from Emby ios app then local trailers (files with "*-trailer* in name) remain on server and what is anoying - they started treating as movies by Emby server (adding to library, creating "*-trailer.nfo" files, etc.). This forces me delete all these files and rescan library manually each time, this is not a big problem but not so convinient as it may be.


So I would suggest several solutiins (starting from prefered ones):

1) Add "Delete related local trailers when movie is deleted" option somewhere in administration page (disabled by default). If enabled - then all files with "*trailer" prefix will be deleted


2) Add "Do not treat local trailers as movies" option somewhere in administration page (enabled by default). If enabled - then all files with "*trailer" prefix won't be processed as regular movies (not need to generate nfo, posters, etc. data for them)


3) Add "Run script on movie delete action" somewhere in administration page (empty field by default). If path to script is defined then it will be rised with path to the deleted movie as first argument as soon as movie gets deleted from UI. Then I'll be able to delete my trailers writing and using my own script.


BTW. Third variant would be extended for other actions in future such as "new movie is added", "user X is strating warching movie", etc...

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I didn't know that trailers removal when related movie gets deleted is already implemented. Now I see how it works on tets movie, but I remember that at least one time my lical trailers were not removed automatically along with other generated files.


Anyway I definetly can reproduce a bug that files with "trailer" prefix are treated as movies if there is no main video file in same folder

instead of being ignored by Emby. (my 2nd item)

Steps to reproduce:

1) create empty folder with movie name (e.g. "Deadpool (2016)"

2) copy any file into this folder and rename it as "Deadpool (2016)-trailer1.mp4)

3) start media library scan


Actual result: methadata files are generated for deadpool movie, deadpool is added as movie into library

Expected: "Deadpool (2016)-trailer1.mp4" ignored, movie is not added into library




I realized that in any case I need feature from 3rd item. For instance when I delete movie then if it exist in my Deluge torrent then it starts downloading from scratch. I would prefer to start script on this event which will find appropriat torrent if it exists and delete it from Deluge. So can I move only this 3rd item back to the feature request section?

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ok, yea, that's expected behavior if you don't have the main movie there, sorry.


the deletion though i don't think is implemented yet but it's something we can look at for a future release.

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I see, thanks


And what about 3rd item? Is it worth to implement custom scripts execution on delete event (and maybe some other event types in future as well) ?


my usecase - I need to remove movie from torrent client by script to not let it download once again

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I can't reproduce it anymore

On test movie its trailers always gets deleted now along with other methatada


maybe there was something wrong in the file name last time

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