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TV shows stop playing after the first second or so of playback, and skips to next episode.

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For whatever reason, lately I've been having issues with playback in ET.

I'll start to watch a TV show, and after about 1 second of playback it just stops playing, and then skips to the next episode. Just now I had ET skip through 4 episodes in a row like this; each time playing the first second of the episode and skipping to the next one, until eventually an episode (now 5 episodes ahead of the one I intended to watch) plays normally.

I've tested these episodes in Windows Media Player (Or whatever it's called in Windows 10 now, I just upgraded to Win10 not long ago), and they all play just fine. They're all in .MKV format.

If there's any more information I can provide that could help, please let me know and I'll try me best.

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Hello @@babgvant.


If I select EVR+ as video render, Theatre plays for a few secs and then jumps to the next episode. MadVr works fine.


See the logs attached.


Thanks !


Edit: just see this is a duplicate of http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/33812-tv-shows-stop-playing-after-the-first-second-or-so-of-playback-and-skips-to-next-episode/


Believe devs are working on fixing the issue :)


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