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Root Access by changing Sudoers file failed


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Tried to get access to Root in DSM 6.

Edited sudoers file as described. But seem to made a mistake. No I cannot use the sudo su- command any more?


Any idea how to change the sudoers file?




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The way i fixed this issue ... but be warned I still can't get winSCP to work.. I can - however - get ssh access as root.. So that's fine for me.. i just use scp and copy files around that I upload to a share (i can get winSCP to work as non-root)


1) SSH as admin

2) synouser --setpw root [CURRENT - ADMIN - PASSWORD]


3) and then log out,

4) SSH as root ..




it all worked for me from here... Not 100% sure that the root password needed to be the same as the admin password, but, it seemed safer given the history of the root and admin accounts being linked up!

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