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Hi guys!


I have been a user of Emby Premiere for a couple of months now, utilizing the Live TV feature on a Hisense 48" Roku TV, a TCL 42" Roku TV, and a Insignia 50" Roku TV with a HD Homerun Prime. Our server is not very powerful so we rely on direct streaming all of our content. I have set all of our user preferences to not allow transcoding, because it will basically crash our system.


Direct Streaming has worked fine for Live TV and Recorded TV on all three Roku TVs as long as you have your bandwidth set to max (30mbps) inside the Roku TV App, and have the audio mode set to Dolby, DTS in the TV settings. A couple of weeks ago we purchased a simple pair of computer speakers with a subwoofer to improve the sound over the internal speakers that plug into the headphone slot. Suddenly, we were greeted with a message that there were no compatible streams for both Live TV and Recorded TV.


I have been a long time viewer of your forums, but have never posted before. Here is what is the situation and the odd things I encountered (exact same on all Roku TV models I own)


  • In the standard Roku App if you have the speakers unplugged and select a source it will begin playing, and continue playing after you plug the speakers into the headphone jack! Yay! (but kind of a pain in the a**)
  • This is the same for the Beta Roku App
  • In the Roku Blue Neon App, you can select "force direct stream". When I do this WITH the speakers plugged into the headphone jack everything works, no problem! This is how I know the both the Hisense and TCL Roku TVs can decode AC3 audio even with the headphone jack in use.


So I believe that the standard and beta Roku Apps are misinterpreting the audio capabilities of the Hisense, TCL, and Insignia Roku TVs when the headphone jacks are in use.


I can provide you with any files you may need, and offer my services to test on all three Roku TV brands. 


Let me know if I can help in any way, and thank you again for the great product.


Very Respectfully,


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