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What is the best Client for me ?

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Now i use raspberry 1 and chromecast 2 for client. I use Linux Kaos to host emby Server. 


I want replace chromecast because i lost signal between android and chromecast very often. (when i pause i cant reconnect to chromecast)


What are the best client i can use to have the best experience ?


In the future i think i want buy hdhomerun.

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Something that makes use of ethernet would keep the signal.


The question is more which ecosystem do you want to use? Which app store ecosystem has the services you use the most or wish to use? Is this just for emby? Do you use other streaming services? Do you want to be able to play games on it too? Do you want maximum support for direct-play, since rpi is one of the underperformers when transcoding is concerned? Do you need x265 and 4k support? Is digital audio in HD something you require?


There are so many reasons to choose a device. If you just use the device for emby only, then choose based on how the emby app looks and feels on each device. But it you choose based on the best streaming device for any content you need to keep one thing in mind. Amazon devices, Apple devices and Android devices all are content restricted. That means they are not content neutral and they try to steer you towards their pay points. You wont find every streaming app on any of these.


The only unrestricted device is the roku. The roku has the most streaming apps of any device. But...the emby app on roku presently uses an older design and leaves alot to be desired. Other apps on android and apple get development time and updates.


In the end only you can choose the device which best fits your use case.


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I just need to play movies. For now i dont need  x265 and 4k support but possibly in the future.

I want the best quality with no lag. And the must friendly for my familly. I love linux ecosystem :)

Is it raspberry pi 3 the best for my need ?

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It looks like it has already been figured out.. but another option would have been to get an ethernet adapter for your chromecast.. and yes they do exist.

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