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can't select custom images for tiles Kodi Titanskin


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Hey guys,


I actually have no idea where this question belongs because it involves a couple of things. (kodi emby and titan skin)


I have setup the emby server (3.0.5896.0) with custom nodes for my action movies adventure  movies etc. this works fine in kodi (16.0 Jarvis) using the titan skin.(3.6.37)

I have setup the movies button to switch to a sub page with tiles these tiles connect to the video nodes as setup in emby.

all is well so far.


now i can setup these tiles with custon images and here the fun starts


I have been able to select fanart to be shown connected to the specific folder/video node it points to. 


the workflow would go something like this:


manage sub menu for movies,

highlight item to change,

In this case i would select adventure movies,

next set thumbnail: ( a sub menu is show with all the display options for the tile random fanart movies etc, before it would also show the option emby-adventure, emby-fantasy etc.)

when this was selected the tile would be showing fanart only from the adventure folder or respective other folder.


but i can not select this any more i have restarted the server many times and reset emby library in kodi a couple of times.


but the option is not there anymore can anyone help me with this?

is there a specific setting that i am missing?


any help would be welcome or if i need to post this somewhere else please let me know.

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Sounds like an issue with the smart shortcuts for emby. Is that enabled in the skin settings?

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I just checked and yes the smart shortcuts are and were enabled for emby (also for the other options 

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Ok, i did a complete reinstall of kodi with emby addon on my second system. And i couldn't select the fanart.

But on my main htpc all of a sudden the connections were back and all worked again.

This has happened sometimes. Sometimes some of the links are broken and sometimes it all works ok.

And i have no idea what i can do about getting it stable.


When talking about smart shortcuts,

When i select the setup shortcuts menu and want to add a shortcut and try to select a smartshortcut from the smarshortcut list this is empty. However the emby shortcuts via the video library link works ok.


When it works the list is populated. So its definately the smart shortcuts that are the issue.

Now to find out why they dissapear sometimes.

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