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Fail to install Emby - requires Mono?

Go to solution Solved by breezytm,

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Hi all,

I tried to install the latest Emby_3.0.5871.0_x86.qpkg in my TS-453mini, but it failed complaining that something called 'Mono' was missing ?

I searched for 'Mono' in the Appcenter but all found was two Developer Tools that seemed identical but for some reason had different version numbers. One was 2.11.2 and the other was  ?!?


I wasn't expecting to find a developer Tool - let alone two?

What is this  thing called 'mono' and where do I find it?

Can it be uninstalled once loaded (if the attempt fail)?



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Yes, I did - and it works, but it beats me why one have to install  234Mb of .NET libraries in order to run a 32Mb App....   

In my younger days, we could make almost anything come true in 64Kbyte  - using Assembly code.  ;)

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