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Missing & Un-Aired Episodes - Updates


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Do you have the option "Enable automatic updates from the tvdb.com" turned on?


I did not even know that option was there.  But when I went and checked, I found that it was turned on.  But maybe the change occurred on thetvdb.com before this option was added?


"Enable automatic updates from TheMovieDB.org." was not selected though.  Not that that has anything to do with it.  I enabled that, too. 

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for missing episodes you don't need it. it is already active for those. in this case we had an update on disk but didn't apply it, so i need to look at that.

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Hey everyone,


It had been a while since I checked for missing episodes using the Media Browser Web Client, so I thought I'd check and see what I was missing.


So I listed all my episodes and filtered by Missing Episodes, and got a list.  This works great, by the way!


Now, onto the reason I am posting this.  It showed that I had 4 missing episodes of American Horror Story, which is incorrect.  They should actually be Unaired Episodes.


What I believe happened is that original Release Dates for these episodes according to thetvdb.com was changed to a later date.  Originally, the release dates were in December, but now they are in January.  


I forced a Refresh Metadata via the edit page for the Series, but that didn't update the release date for the episode.  Neither did a Refresh Metadata on the Season.  I had to go to the specific episode and Refresh it there.


I don't know how often this type of thing will happen, or how big of a deal it is, but I did notice it, so I thought I'd mention it.




Another thing I'd like to request, if I may, is the option to select certain series to not be included in the Missing or Unaired episodes.  For example, I have several episodes of NOVA, but I certainly don't have 41 seasons of it.  I would like to be able to select (or deselect) this series so that I don't have to wade through 41 years of missing episodes for this and a couple of other series.


Thanks for listening!

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