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MB Intros - additional audio formats


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Hey ebr,


I asked about this in this thread:



but to keep things seperate, I'll ask again in its own post:


your houghts on adding an 'other' type category for audio? That would play a specified file if the audio format does not match any of the default ones.


Most of my movies are ripped with FLAC as the audio.  Would love to be able to play either of the HD audio files in this case - given the FLAC audio is a rip of the HD audio.


How does MB intros determine the audio track?  does it look at the file itself or is it looking at a tag in the xml somewhere?  If the latter, another option could be if we could have a 'custom' audio tag that we could write a value to. Then I could just change it to be DTSHD-Ma or Dolby True digital.   I did this with metabrowser and xbmc's mb intro's equivalent and it worked great.



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