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All items in seperate folders under a main folder are now all displayed together in one view


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After a recent Emby update (not 100% sure which one), All movies, or all my comedy and other folders are now amalgamated into one view when I select the Menu Option from the main screen in Emby for WMC, rather than separated (following the folder structure on the HDD) once I go into the container view.


I'll explain further.


I have a MOVIES folder. There are no movies in this folder. However, there are 3 folders under Movies namely Box Sets, General and Kids.


Under Emby Server, I have a Library item pointing to the Movies folder. I have had this since day dot.


So, previous versions, from Emby under WMC, when I selected Movies from the main title bar, I would get the 3 "folders" displayed (with their relevant folder.jpg image shown) and I could then select any one of those and just see the movies in those folders. For instance, if I selected Box Sets, then that would display all the box sets, then I could go into one of those box sets, and select the movie I wanted to view


Now, when I go to Movies, ALL movies over the whole 3 folders are all shown together in one view (I use the Chocolate plug in). There are no folder options to select and all movies are mixed up together alphabetical, so now all my Box Set movies are all mixed up with Kids movies and General movies in the one view.




I also have several other structures like this for example, Home Videos. It does the same thing. Puts all the home movies together in one view. I also have a Comedy folder with different artists, now they are shown altogether in one view.


Again WHY?


How can I get the function I had previously where I have a main folder titled whatever (eg: Movies) then have separated folders so I can view just the movies in that folder?


I know I could create multiple libraries for each folder, but why should I have to do that. I don't want them to all appear on the main menu in Emby for WMC. I want containers (like Movies, Comedy, Home Videos, Music Videos) and have the folder structure represented under that.


I even went into the Media Browser Configurator but half the options seem now removed from that. All that is in that is for Extenders which I don't use.


I haven't seen any updates to Chocolate plugin (version that would cause this.


Now, what's interesting is that TV SHOWS are working perfectly. They are not all joined together in one view.


Although I have not changed anything under the Configuration for Emby for WMC, there is an config option that says "Legacy Browsing". This is turned on but turning it off does nothing.


Any help greatly appreciated as I feel the interface under WMC is now totally unusable.




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Bring up the web client using the same user and click the user icon and select "Settings".  Then "Home screen".  Scroll down to the "Grouping" and uncheck the folders you don't want grouped.

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Thanks EBR.


Your suggestion did not work. It stayed exactly the same. That is every item on one view, and not separated out.


It turned out to be the Beta version. The system came up and stated a new Beta version was available. I updated and all went back to the "legacy" way.


However, by trying your suggestion (I did it on one folder called Comedy), that disappeared totally from the main menu of Emby in WMC and doesn't appear now in the View Order section of Settings. it still shows in My Views (which is what I presume you refer to as grouping) and View Styles selection. It still shows in Emby Server under Library.


Ok, safter some tinkering, I had to rename the library, then rename it back and it appeared on the main menu in Emby for WMC but still doesn't appear in the View order section of the settings. It also doesn't appear under the Users Media menu either. Starting the server didn't refresh either. Since I only use Emby in WMC, at least that functionality is back.


So, is the "new/correct" way to configure this so not to use "Legacy Folders" option to create collections for all of my "folders" of different movies, comedy, etc?



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I'm not sure I followed everything that you did there but to get the presentation you want in EMC you need to adjust a combination of the view grouping and enhanced presentation settings in that user settings area.

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Since my legacy folders are now working as it was previously before upgrading to the latest beta, I will leave well enough alone. I don't use the system to connect to from web browsers or other clients, so I wont worry about it.



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