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"Because you watched ..." being mixed up in Movie views


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Hi All,


Upgraded to the new Emby Theater, running 1.0.23 (I think), and have found a small issue with the new home screen view sections under movies where it has the new "Because you watched (or liked) ...".


I have 2 movie collections/views in my Emby, one with 'fictional' movies and a second one with 'non-fictional' documentary movies. I like to keep them separate. I have excluded the documentaries collection under the Home Screen settings menu from grouping this content into the Movies view which works for things like the latest section, or the All Movies section (as it did in the previous ET version), but doesn't seem to be work for the new "Because you watched/liked ..." feature.


What I am seeing is some documentary recommendations in the movies section and some movie recommendations in the documentary section. They do not seem to filter and just apply on both.


I'm not sure if logs or screenshots will help with this one, but please let me know if you need anything more from me to help to troubleshoot.



Also on a small note, it would be great to be able to rename the 'All Movies' and 'Latest Movies' titles/labels on the main view page to 'All Docos' and 'Latest Docos' for the secondary documentary view if it could be accommodated.



PS - Great work on the new ET, I am liking it a lot overall!!



Thank you



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