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Blank login screen on Firefox?


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My copy of Emby (3.0.5785 on Ubuntu 12.04) now gives (on FF 43.04) a blank grey login screen.


I can log in using IE 11.096, but for FF the opening page appears to be a lot of commented-out <div>s - the background of the login page, no buttons etc.


FF web console has some JavaScript errors on load:

unreachable code after return statement site.js:7:7
SecurityError: The operation is insecure. store.js:51:0
ReferenceError: appStorage is not defined site.js:165:5


I've tried restarting both client & server - and swearing a bit  - without making any difference. Any more erudite ideas gratefully received.




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Found it!


If i set Firefox to ask before accepting cookies, emby login screen doesn't load. (Options, Privacy, Keep until: Ask me every time)

Choosing Keep until: they expire or Keep until: I close Firefox  both work

Not accepting cookies also fails.


Although I can't see any cookies set by my server...? Odd.

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