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Schedules Direct and Emby channels not matching


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I have schedules direct and emby working together but having some issues with the channels that are available. There are five subchannels that Emby finds, but SD does not have data for (I may need to contact SD about this missing info). However, there are a few channels that I can receive with good signal (SD sends to Emby), but it doesn't display as an available live tv channel. It seems that Emby is performing some kind of channel scan... is there a way to force it to rescan?


I am using an HDHomerun with the built in Emby support.


Emby is currently showing 34 channels out of 63 from schedules direct (Emby log shows receiving 63 channels). I am not a suscriber yet, is this a limitation for nonsuscribers?



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No, you have the same access to data during your trial period as a subscriber does.


The lineup that we have may not be up-to-date, so open a ticket at our website. I'll need to know your postal code and the channels that you're picking up that we don't have.

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Thanks, I have started working with someone at Schedules direct to fix the EGP information. Still need to figure out how to get Emby to show all the channels that I receive.

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