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Can't see dataset in FreeNAS


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I've been using Emby for a while now and love it, but its been on a windows 7 server.  I've been wanting to switch to FreeNAS for some time now and finally did (the windows server is still up and running in parallel).  I transferred all 14TB of data/movies to the new server to /mnt/MyPool/MyPool dataset.




I added the emby plugin and then it created the jails dataset.  (mainshare wasn't there yet)  I tried to add the storage for the emby plugin to /MyPool/MyPool but I got an error 


Error: The path could not be mounted failed (64) -> mount_nullfs: are not distinct paths   (Copied and pasted from my google search, excluding the paths)


I created the mainshare dataset and was able to add the storage without issues.  But when I go into the emby configuration, I am greeted with




Nothing.  What would I need to do in order to permit access to view the file listing/Pool?  I don't have any emby system user.



EDIT:  I used the /media endpoint which was the Destination in the jail storage for emby and I was able to get the listing but get a 




EDIT2: Updated to change Source to be new dataset and checked 'Mounted?'.  Everything works.

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