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Why is emby-server set to auto start on Linux?


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I installed Emby server following the instructions (I tried this on both Fedora and Ubuntu). On this page here, for instance https://emby.media/downloads/linux-server/ for the Fedora section, it says do the following ->

Install emby server

wget http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/emby/Fedora_22/home:emby.repo -O /etc/yum.repos.d/emby.repo

dnf install emby-server


Start emby server


systemctl start emby-server



But emby-server has already been started before I execute the systemctl command. Why is that?


I wanted to change the defaults in the /etc/emby-server.conf file (values like pid file, user/group name, application directory) and so on. However, before I got a chance to do that, emby went ahead and polluted /var/lib/emby-server under the "emby" user.


Services in Fedora / Red Hat aren't supposed to auto start. they do so in debian, but not so in the RHEL world. 


Anyway I can install emby-server and not have it auto start with what it thinks the configuration variables should be and have the system admin allow over rides for those before starting, like every other sane service out there?


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This is changed for new installations starting from today. The service was always set to not autostart on boot but it would be started automatically only once during installation. Now that is also changed so users will need to start it manually and also configure it to autostart on boot if needed.



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