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'Loading, Please wait' randomly when watching via Roku


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When watching recorded TV this is for (obviously due to where I posted it).  


I dont remember this happening in my first testing of this solution.  But now it happens once or twice every 30 mins.  Its as if the stream is buffering, but it just sits there.  You can press exit, then resume and it picks up so you dont lost anything - just a pain.


We only have Roku's, and it happens on them all.


Any ideas ?  I have checked the logs and nothing seems untoward.

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It looks like Murphies law has stepped in - this issue has not happened all night tonight......  I noticed an emby server update came in and as usual with these, the roku's stopped talking to emby, needing a restart of the emby server - but I also rebooted the physical server itself - I dont know if any of those things helped?  I will monitor tomorrow and see if this happens again - and if so - will upload the logs.

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There has been no update for a while now - Is this just how it is meant to be ?  It locks up, we click back to the file, then click on it to restart from where it was.  Its a regular thing.

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Just an update to this issue.  


I re-posted in the Roku section as there was never any updated on this issue - Luke asked me to add an Emby library over the NextPVR Recorded TV and access it from Emby directly.  The issue is no longer there then.  This suggests the issue with this is related to LiveTV and access to the NextPVR plugin.


Working through that Roku thread, the Blue Neon roku app has been changed to allow deletions.  As I dont need LiveTV, this means I no longer need to have the nextPVT plugin and everything is working fine.


If anyone has this issue, you can just use the plugin for LiveTV if you need it and a native Library for watching the recorded TV.  All is fine and working perfectly for me now.

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