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Missing individual TV episodes since latest builds


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since the last updates (3.0.5768.7 and 5781) my library is acting strange. All my TV content type folders have stopped displaying content.

By reading other threads I discovered that a grouping option had been enabled and affected the way my folders were being displayed.

I unchecked those and now I can see again the list of TV shows in my library.


Unfortunately, it only shows me subfolders and not individual episodes that are located at top level folder anymore. Before I could see both.

If you look at attachments, any episode contained in a folder (per tv show) will appear if I browse to that show.

But any new episode that hasn't been classified yet in a sub folder doesn't appear anymore in the list of available episodes.

Therefore Heroes reborn episodes won't appear at all in my library.


Is there an option I can set to have a view again with folders and individual files?






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we have never officially supported that. you could try reclassfying the library as mixed content, and if that doesn't work, home videos. or you can just keep it simple and make series folders for those episodes.

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Thanks Luke.

Perhaps it wasn't supported but it used to work and it was very convenient. I have a "new TV shows" folder which is basically my download folder. I get to see in there all the latest episodes before classifying them into show folders/seasons. Very convenient for new shows where I'm looking at first couple of episodes before I decide to create specific show folders for those.


I tried classifying as suggested, still only see show folders and not individual episodes.


Furthermore, even when navigating in folder view I still don't see the files that are not classified.

This used to work a couple of builds back.


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