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Help with changing the "date added" value


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I initially scanned the entire library with the option set to "Use date scanned into the library" but then realized it's not what I want. I changed it to "Use file creation date" and then triggered the update library task but it didn't change the "Date added" value. Also tried to refresh using the metadata manager but nothing.


Is there way I can change the "date added" value for all my videos without wiping my library and starting from scratch?


If not, then if I delete data/library.db and data/refreshinfo.db, but not the artwork from the"metadata/library", will rescanning the library refetch the artwork too? (I have a ton of it).



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I believe since the date is already written into the metadata nfo/xml that deleting the databases would be useless.



Personally I would do something like this.  Edit for your xml or nfo needs and change to <SortTitle> to <Added>.

Shut down server first, then when change is complete, start server and Refresh parent folder (refresh - Missing data-none).


or delete metadata and let it re-build.



Late reply but will prove useful for anyone searching for a solution on batch/mass updating sort titles.


How-to batch remove sort-title tags from metadata (Windows):

  1. Download and install Notepad ++ (http://notepad-plus-plus.org/)
  2. In Windows Explorer navigate to your movies folder and search 'movie.xml'
  3. Select all the 'movie.xml' files then right click and select Edit with NotePad++
  4. In NotePad++ Click 'Search' and then 'Replace'
  5. Under 'Find what' type <SortTitle>(.*?)</SortTitle>
  6. Under 'Replace with' type <SortTitle></SortTitle>
  7. Under 'Search mode' click the 'Regular expression' radio button
  8. Click 'Replace All in All Opened Documents'
  9. Click 'Close'
  10. Click 'File' and then 'Save All'
  11. Close Notepad++
  12. You're done! 
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Sorry, I thought that by mentioning I have my artwork in "metadata/library" it was obvious I'm not using nfo/xml files in the media folders. I configured Emby as it was the default, i.e. metadata and artwork is not in the media folders but centrally in %AppData%/Emby-Server and I'd like to keep it that way (don't want to use nfo/xml files)


In my case metadata is in %AppData%/Emby-Server/data/library.db and artwork is in %AppData%/Emby-Server/metadata.


I can delete library.db and refreshinfo.db and rescan it, but will that download artwork again in %AppData%/Emby-Server/metadata or is it smart to recognize the existing artwork there?

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