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Question about Folder Sync


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I'm new with emby and i'm not sure that emby can help me.

I would like to synchronize video files (put on server) with a set off Kodi player (on remote client)

For example, i would like an administrator to put Video files on server and then with sync rules those video files will be "replicate" on local folder Kodi Remote Client

Does Folder Sync can do this ? i think yes but i'm not sure.

If yes, i see thah Folder Sync option is available in emby premiere. Is it possible to try it without pourchase this option ?


Thank you for your help

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If the kodi client had a share that was mounted and writable on the emby server OS then you could use the server with folder sync to make a copy of the material on the kodi box. I think the folder sync plugin exists more to provide a pretranscribed file for serving to clients. This is like the cloud plugins are you provide a separate place to serve the files from that will either be faster or won't demolish your cap

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