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Remote Control of Web Client


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Hi Guys,


Is there any way to use a programmable remote control like the Logitech Harmony to navigate the Web Interface through a Windows 10 HTPC? If not, is it possible to program that functionality in?



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Not sure... but, you should be able to mimic keyboard stokes "left", "right","enter", "backspace" to maneuver the UI.


I am pretty sure most browsers will understand these keystrokes.


As for playback commands, that might be a different pile of maneuvers... ;)

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You made me curious, so I just tested.


On Chrome the up/down arrows will scroll, but the left/right do nothing. Tabbing (and shift-tabbing) move, but that is after going over all the hidden elements and it is really hard to see most of the items selected, especially the buttons. Enter and backspace do move forward and back in pages. While it is a PITA, you can tab over to the play button and press enter.


The biggest issues are the sheer number of key presses and lack of feedback. Keyboard navigation won't translate for the remote, unless there are baked in short-cuts I am not familiar with in Emby. 

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