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INotificationsRepository Interface "AddNotification" what is URL please??


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When building a notification class what is the URL parameter supposed to be when sending notification to each user?

 Await notify.AddNotification(New Notification With
                                             .Date = DateTime.Now,
                                             .Description = des,
                                             .Id = userId,
                                             .IsRead = False,
                                             .Level = New NotificationLevel = level,
                                             .Name = "Vera Home Automation Scene Notification",
                                             .Url = {RIGHT HERE PLEASE!!},
                                             .UserId = userId
                                         }, CancellationToken.None)

Thank you in advance!



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Okay, I have, literally, tonight to implement this interface. Could anyone who know tell me what the URL parameter is? Sorry to sound impatient...

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Thank you :)


The intellisense usually lists optional parameters. It didn't this time. Really appreciated ebr!

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