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supporter key validity


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I have been away from emby community for a while, as i had my machines working as they should, and was enjoying my media :-) ......


My question is, how do i know my Supporter Key is still valid??


My server still says "thank you for supporting media browser", however, my client on MB Classic sometimes flashes and says i need to support media browser??  so i don't know what is happening..


I am running old version of the server ver 3.0.5518.7 , and the client ver but it still says it is up to date.


I guess this must be something to do with the change over from media browser to emby, and i stayed away because the change was a little painful and created a lot of issues for me.


I am hoping it is all stable now, and might consider update my server...


any feedback would be appreciated.



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The client says it is up to date because your server is old.


Update the server and then you can update EMC as well.

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I would suggest waiting for the next stable release that should be very soon. (current beta version 3.5713.4)

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Hi Guys,


Thanks Chief B. and thanks Happy2Play.  I think I will upgrade when the next version gets released as you suggested.


best regards.

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