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Can't Find Trakt Plugin Server Version 3.0.5713.1


Go to solution Solved by Happy2Play,

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Longtime Plex and Kodi user trying to implement Emby as a hopefully much better database manager for Kodi (currently using MySQL). 


Right at the moment, I'm trying to find the Trakt plugin, when I browse to plugins > catalog, I can't seem to find Trakt anywhere in the list even though it's listed as a popular plugin in the wiki. 


I've rebooted, restarted and shook my monitor to no avail, which section should it be in? 

Thanks for any and all help. 

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You don't see it near the bottom of the catalog?



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Good lord... there goes my one free senior moment for the year.... I knew it had to be hiding in there somewhere. Apparently my brain shut off when I scanned over social networks. This was just the push I needed. 


Thanks again for the help. Sorry for being such a noob... I looked over this at least a dozen times...  :unsure:

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