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UPnP interface selection on dual homed host


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I have a problem getting DLNA working on a FreeBSD 10 system which appears to be down to the way the system's interface is selected.



So, the server has two physical interfaces, em0 and em1. em0 itself has no IP configured, but there are three VLAN interfaces connected to various internal networks (10.0.x.0/24). em1 has a public IP address and is connected to the Internet. Default gateway of course points out of em1


As it is, emby operates fine with internal clients, web interface, WMC client, etc. as it listens on *:* for connections. (The public interface is firewalled off so no issues there).


However, it seems that emby insists on using em1 (public) for UPnP listening/discovery - DLNA clients polling on the internal network will not work.


If I remove the configuration from em1 before starting the emby service, emby then appears to use the next interface (alphabetically?) which luckily is the network with my internal clients.



There must be some way to configure emby to bind to a specific interface for UPnP short of disabling all others before restarting it???





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