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TV Series, Collections and Search BUG in 3.0.5675.1


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I have number of TV series on my server and they pretty much all have more than 100 episodes each. Since I do not see any other way to do this, I import the videos with no Genre (so they do not screw up Genre listings), and then import them into a collection. I give the collection a Genre Tag (Drama etc.) and then they show up in Genres. Unfortunately all episodes still show up in the movie list, and that is a problem, since there are literally thousands of them. So:


·         Is there a way not to show individual videos in the movies, but still show the collection of them in the Genres and Movie list?

·         Is it possible to somehow add a way to drag and drop movies into the Collection? Using the search is very problematic.

·         There is a BUG when searching a large number of Movies. For example, Magnum PI has couple of hundred episodes, but the search only returns 30-ish. If you select the ones that do show up, no more is available. My workaround is to split them by Seasons, and start video names Magnum1, Magnum2 etc, and then do multiple searches, one for each season. That works.

·         Is it possible to contain Collections within Collections?


Finally, it occurs to me that having another entity similar to Collection would be a really great idea, and would solve all these woes. Let’s call it “Series”. It would help to bridge a gap between something like the “Alien Collection” and the 258 episodes of Hawaii Five-O. Ideally it should be File Name oriented, as often the episodes have cryptic names, with no actual title (S03E14). Some simple way of selecting number of differently named files to add to the “Series” would also be essential.


I am running Server Version 3.0.5675.1


Thanks for all your help in advance!





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Is there some reason you aren't putting your tv in series and seasons folders and having tv in its own, tv-type library instead of lumping tv and movies together?

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Name your series like in the first Wiki example, it's a common name convention in most Tools like Plex, Emby, Kodi etc...




After that, add your Series Folder to a new library caled e.g. Series or TV like in this screen, the conent Type must be TV:




After that you have an own Series library like you want (I guess).

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