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Can't connect to NextPVR - Status: Unavailable


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I'm really liking NextPVR and how it works with EMBY (really nice work), I just have one thing I can't seem to get working.


I have NextPVR itself working beautifully locally on both the EMBY server PC, and another network PC in my house (kitchenpc).


The problem is I get the following error when trying to connect to the NextPVR service on the other PC from EMBY server.

Unavailable (The request was aborted: The request was canceled.)


If I use http://localhost:8866 as the base URL in EMBY server live TV setup, everything works perfect, status = ok, the guide, playback all excellent. However, I want to look at relocating my EMBY server box out of the lounge-room and use live TV via the other PC.





I can also hit the web end of NextPVR on the remote PC fine using the same URL of http://kitchenpc:8866 that I have set in EMBY server, so I'm not sure what else to try or look for?




Given EMBY works perfect with the localhost nextpvr service, maybe the nextpvr install on the remote PC is a bit screwed or I've missed a setting somewhere???

Logs attached if they help. 





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Do you have also logging from the nextpvr server?

I see that he can't initiate a connection. But as i can see in your screenshot you can browse to the kitchenpc.....


Can you also enable the debug logging?

And post a new log

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