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Help with photoshop for EHS folder, please;)


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Hi, I have been using chef's icons for folder icons and clearart for ages and have used all I have available for all my folders, well I recently got a Panasonic THP50ST60A plasma with 3D and would like to have a folder for 3d films.
Is there anybody out there kind enough to add a 3d logo/overlay to the above image for me...this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to all who contribute to the gorgeous art we have and especially to the kind individual who maybe able to help me out.

Cheers Brad

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something like this? If you have a different 3D logo in mind ill put it on there.







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Shaefurr, You are a genius! Love all of them but will probably go with the first for the depth effect and keeping the icon image nice and clean. Thanks very much, very appreciated.  :D


Popeye got these from the following link post of chef and keef


http://community.mediabrowser.tv/topics/3982?page=1&response_type=8#first_response  on pages 1 and 4..really like them all and hope you enjoy them as well..again thanks chef/keef and shaefurr ;)

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Thanks but the link for the action is broken cant download

here it is in my skydrive. https://skydrive.live.com/#cid=CF8144E520F57618&id=CF8144E520F57618%2114372


most anything I posted to mbmods and the links are now dead, can be found in my skydrive https://skydrive.live.com/#qt=sharedby&id=-3494436084971637224&cid=CF8144E520F57618

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